Vania Gonzalez ARce

-About our ceo-

Our CEO is a logistics and client relations expert. She is a visionary with the idea of helping every person who wants to change their life through Bariatric Surgery. Her motivation is for everyone to be safe, comfortable and happy through out the process.

Do to her experience in logistics and organization she will adapt not only the best procedure for every patient but also the best routes to make their experience as pleasant and safe as possible.

Safety is her number one priority and her idea in having our own vehicles is what puts us in a leading position. Ms. Gonzalez is a people person and will adapt every package to our patients personal needs.

She has a clear direction towards where New Me Bariatrics is going as a group and as a part of every patients pre, during and post op experience. Having only one question in mind: Are you ready for a new healthy you?

Ready for a new healthy you?

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